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We humans have extraordinary potential but too many people go through life without the tools or support to access it. 

It’s why iPEC was founded nearly 30 years ago with a mission to raise the consciousness of the world. We desire to see each person realize the effective leadership they can have over their own life and the impact awareness has on increasing your confidence, decision-making, and relationships. 

And it’s why we created ConscioUs today. We designed ConscioUs to be interactive, based on live conversations with experts on thoughtful topics you care about most to guide your personal and professional development.

But how do we make these big changes to our lives? 

We follow the proven, research-backed system we’ve refined over the last 30 years, built for seekers of personal development.

Awakening your potential is an ongoing, unique process and looks different each day—we have everything from 5-minute habit builders to full courses so you continually raise your consciousness, even if it’s just a small step each day . . .

When you join ConscioUs by iPEC, 
you’ll have exclusive access to:
  • An intro course on applying the 7 Levels of Energy and how this system can help bring you more self-awareness, resulting in sustainable happiness, productivity, and performance

  • A copy of the book Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams: An Enlightening Story and workshop 

  • Workshops designed to help you immediately apply what you learn on current topics ranging from personal development, personal finances, relationships, and more 

  • Live conversations with Lead Trainers who are consciousness experts and certified coaches so you get your questions answered on the spot 

  • Fireside chats to engage in member discussion and create accountability for the improvements you desire for your life 

  • A global, deeply supportive network of like-minded individuals all looking to connect, learn, and have discussions that add value to their lives 

  • Meditations and 5-minute habit builders designed to increase your consciousness 

  • And lots more!

Are you ready for a feeling of empowerment and choice over your time, money, and health? To increase your awareness, relationships, and confidence? 

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